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We enjoy an outstanding reputation.....

..on the 7 seas and in a lot of industries!

We are working since more than ten years as independent media reps for magazines, websites and tradeshows in a wide range of industries.

Magazines, websites and Shows we actually represent are i.e.:

Plastics News

Plastics News Europe

PDM - Plastics, Design & Moulding Show, Telford UK

PRS Europe - Plastics Recycling Show, Amsterdam

Plastics News China

Tunnels & Tunnelling International

Tunnels / Tunnelling North America

Underground Utilities

Wood Based Panels International

Timber Trade Journal

Global Logistics Show, Mumbai, India

We also have a lot of experience in Construction, Medical, Automotive, Packaging, Chemical, Waste Management, Recycling, Energy, Design, Hair & Beauty, Boats & Ships, Public Transport, Scuba Diving, Photography and others.

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